An adventure travel duo writing about life on the road. Two If Overland is a beacon for living small, eating well and traveling often, offering tales & advice on overlanding & adventure travel in a custom expedition vehicle (off road RV). Martin & Bethany’s goal is to provide meaningful, insightful dialogue about overland travel and the pursuit of adventure all over North & South America. 

Why "Two if Overland?" Our name is a play off of the phrase, “One, if by land, and two, if by sea” coined by American poet, Henry W. Longfellow. As "Two if Overland" we aim to be a beacon for sustainable small living, an “ethovoric” philosophy on food and, of course, a travel-centric lifestyle.

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Road Trips: The Colorado Compendium

With a two month gap between the start of our life on the road and taking delivery of our new GXV truck, we were forced to spin our wheels…literally. Riding hundreds of miles of premier biking trails and driving through some of America’s most iconic landscapes, we decided to head to the nearest place that would cure our altitude fix for a summer of adventure: Colorado. Fortunately for us, VANdal’s buyer allowed us to continue utilizing the sprinter van for the summer so we’d still have a mobile base camp. The waiting game has had its perks, allowing us the opportunity to get to know various cross sections of Colorado in all its summer glory. From grueling 14,000 foot peak hikes to killer mountain bike tours, oodles of craft beer and farmers markets, plus connections with a stream of friends, new & old, it has been quite the summer, indeed. What follows is a little recap of some of our favorite finds from our tour de Colorado.

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