Alaska-Bound: The First 10 Days

Alaska, here we come! It didn’t take long to get used to converting miles to kilometers and quickly assessing bridge heights in meters. We’ve had some must-do stops planned along the way so we can absorb as much of British Columbia as possible while moving systematically toward our goal destination. Here’s a quick recap of the food & fun from the first ten days of the trip.

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Dear Bend: We’re sorry we ever doubted you.

Dear Bend, Oregon: We’re sorry we ever doubted your prowess as a magnet for the adventurer, the athlete, or the foodie. We apologize that during our previous prime-time summer visits, we found your city too laden with tourists, too inauthentic in the sameness of its neighborhoods, too flat in its diversity, too filled with traffic for a city that seems it ought to carry a small-town vibe. While everyone raved about your accessibility to stellar trails, mountain biking, skiing, running and paddling, we saw unfortunate city sprawl, master-planned subdivisions with copycat homes, and tourists. Lots of tourists. We had almost entirely written off Bend as an outdoor city on our short list of cool places to potentially live. But, initial impressions, while still steeped in truth, are still worth questioning.

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Martin Two If Overland Fly Fishing Crested Butte

Road Trips: The Colorado Compendium

With a two month gap between the start of our life on the road and taking delivery of our new GXV truck, we were forced to spin our wheels…literally. Riding hundreds of miles of premier biking trails and driving through some of America’s most iconic landscapes, we decided to head to the nearest place that would cure our altitude fix for a summer of adventure: Colorado. Fortunately for us, VANdal’s buyer allowed us to continue utilizing the sprinter van for the summer so we’d still have a mobile base camp. The waiting game has had its perks, allowing us the opportunity to get to know various cross sections of Colorado in all its summer glory. From grueling 14,000 foot peak hikes to killer mountain bike tours, oodles of craft beer and farmers markets, plus connections with a stream of friends, new & old, it has been quite the summer, indeed. What follows is a little recap of some of our favorite finds from our tour de Colorado.

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