The M1083 Cab in a Nutshell

We’ve posted a lot about our expedition vehicle’s cabin and gear garage, but the cab itself seems to have been relegated to proverbial red-headed stepchild status. To those of you who’ve been asking, “What about the cab?” This one’s for you. It’s the least exciting part of our overland adventure truck to look at, to be sure, but the M1083 holds a few gems in its compact cab-over body. From the central tire inflation system that allows us to change tire pressure at the touch of a button, to the stellar little military heating system that keeps us warm & toasty, the simplicity of the M1083 shell warranted its own post today.

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Logan Canyon Video Shoot

On Truck & Travel: The Questions We Get Most

After a video of our truck was published on YouTube on Dylan Magaster’s channel in October 2016, we were astounded at the outpouring of responses. In just a few weeks, nearly 300,000 viewers watched, many of whom commented with questions and comments. After sifting through hundreds of comments, here are a few of the things people wanted clarification on most.

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