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Power Anything. Anywhere.

Goal Zero Power AnywhereOur travels have brought us to the revelation that we love living on the road, exploring new areas and meeting cool people along the way. To make that dream a sustainable one, we teamed up with Goal Zero’s solar energy line of products to teach people all over the country about the benefits of going solar.

Plug into the sun.

Several times a year, we visit a different Costco throughout the country, educating members about the portable & sustainable power packs and solar panels available through Goal Zero. Goal Zero didn’t invent solar power, but they certainly led the way in making off-grid energy available to anyone wishing to power Anything. Anywhere. Solar is:

  • Costco Road ShowPortable
  • Sustainable
  • Silent
  • Fuel-Free… and therefore FREE to use
  • Maintenance-free
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Weatherproof

Try saying that about your noisy, gas-guzzling Honda generator…

Having already been enthusiastic fans of Goal Zero, the opportunity to represent their brand on the road was a perfect match. We use Goal Zero to keep our devices charged when we’re living off the grid for extended periods of time in VANdal, but also just for simple back-up power when we’re out hiking or urban exploring. Why might you need portable power?

  • Emergency Preparedness – ensure you have the necessities (light, communication, maybe even a CPAP) in case of a power outage
  • Camping – run lights and keep your devices powered up
  • Tailgating – run TV’s micro-fridges, and more
  • Photography – keep your equipment running in the backcountry

What Can You Do With Goal Zero?

Whatever you do, wherever you go, Goal Zero has a solution. We love helping people connect with a power source that can literally pay for itself.

How Does It Work?

How Goal Zero Works
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Which Costco Will We Be At Next?

  • Dec. 8-24, 2017: Salt Lake City (1818 300 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84115)

Why purchase Goal Zero from Costco?  Simple:

  1. No doubt about it, Costco has negotiated the best prices. You won’t find Goal Zero portable power packs, solar panels, or emergency flashlights cheaper ANYWHERE (even better than our employee discount).
  2. Besides steep discounts off the regular retail price, you can count on Costco’s generous no-questions-asked warranty and return policy for one full year. Try it, use it, bring it back to any Costco if you’re dissatisfied for any reason.

VANdal does Costco for Goal Zero

Why Goal Zero?

Put simply, their company culture and mindset is one we immediately resonate with:


Goal Zero cares. Their passion to empower people defines who they are at the core and is evident in their philanthropic roots.


Goal Zero dares to explore. Using their products ensures you are able to do without being bound by the electric grid as well. They constantly innovate and never put limits on what the future holds. Right on.


Goal Zero takes risks. Breakthroughs happen at Goal Zero because nothing is left on the table. We like that.

Goal Zero