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Who Are We Anyway?

Tell Us About The Truck

We picked up the truck on an LMTV M1083 chassis by Global Expedition Vehicles in early August 2016.

Why Do We Travel?

  • VANdal, our sprinter van, was originally constructed for travel to races with Martin’s dog, Katie Lou, to save on hotels & restaurants while being able to get a good night’s sleep before a race. It became a perfect expedition vehicle for 2-3 month trips across the US. You can read about some of the trips by searching by “Destination,” “Adventures by Land,” or “Adventures by Water” from our home page. While the blog originally started as a meager personal travel blog sharing stories and pictures from our favorite destinations, it began to  evolve into a resource for others who choose to live small, eat well and travel often. Here’s a few of our most popular posts to that end:
  • After 23 years in Sarasota, Martin had tired of Sarasota and longed for mountain life and cooler temps. In 2015, we toured the country on a mission to find a new place to live. Originally we were thinking that Portland or Hood River were perfect, but we quickly realized that we didn’t want to be in any single place 100% year-round. That’s when we decided to start researching a new mobile base camp that would be customized to the way we live, play and travel. Though the Sprinter was great for us for 2-3 month trips, we wanted to be able to live full time and go anywhere, on any road, in any country, in any weather condition. Here’s a little more about what we were looking for in a full-time expedition / overlanding vehicle.
  • Traveling full time gives us perspective, provides us with opportunities to see and do things we wouldn’t do otherwise, and exposes us to new vernaculars, new ideas, and new people. For us, traveling is not as much about “seeing” the world as experiencing it. We relish in sampling local cuisine, local beer, local farmers markets and local trails. We get a chance to visit and spend quality time with friends, new and old, from their driveways. We learn to appreciate how simple life can be when we are not tied to our “stuff” and the time-consuming demands of home. Through travel, we hope to find the places that keep calling us back, rather than settling on one place as a matter of convenience or obligation.

Where are we now?

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