Enjoying Sunset overlooking the Slate River in Crested Butte

A Resolution Worth Keeping: Better Health Through Less

Here’s a quick post Bethany did recently for the outdoor community, Springlocker, this month. Read all about the spectrum of living with less — less stuff, less space —  and how it has helped this girl’s health in a big way :).

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Or visit https://springlocker.com/stories/camping/resolution-worth-keeping-better-health-less/.




  1. Hello, What a wonderful contry you live in. Such diverse and dramatic scenerey you can explore (are exploring) without having to leave your borders. Our home now is in southern England but we have owned several mororhomes and lived for two years in our 8 metre EuraMobil, spending time in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, southern Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. It was the best 2 years of our retirement. And, although I eventually chickened out of being house-less at the time (rising house prices) and edging into our early 60’s, we are now stagnating in our four walls once again. Your blogs are fuelling our desire to get back out there and explore more of what’s on our door-step … the other countries of Europe, and to use a Buzz Lightyear phrase “… into infinity and beyond”! We’ve had a taster of USA life by-way-of a fly-drive holiday in California (San Fransico, Napa Valley, Grand Canyon, Vegas, LA) and plan to come back one day but do it in an RV of some sort next time. We’d love to see more of your National Parks. Of your chosen life-style, I say “Good for you!”, you’ll never regret it.
    We regret letting it go.
    Rick & Jan Daniel …. Somerset, UK

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