TwoIfOverland-BethanyMartinTWO IF OVERLAND has been eating well and traveling together since 2014. Martin & Bethany’s goal is to provide meaningful, insightful dialogue about overland travel and the pursuit of adventure all over North America, and eventually South America. We aim to be a beacon for sustainable small living, an “ethovoric” philosophy on food and, of course, a travel-centric lifestyle. Why “Two if Overland?” Our name is a play off of the phrase, “One, if by land, and two, if by sea” coined by American poet, Henry Longfellow and referencing a signal devised by Revere on the verge of the American Revolution. As “Two if Overland,” we seek to signal more people to read about living small, eating well and traveling often.

Who are we?

Martin-SUP-ThumbnailMartin Burzynski is an attorney who lives by the credo that his grandfather taught him — Life’s currency is TIME. He’s the driving force behind all the research, mechanical & logistical operations of our travel, a road warrior with a never-ending bladder, and a master at dissecting every possible scenario so we stay safe, well-equipped, and ready for anything. 

Bethany-Titons-ThumbnailBethany Smithers runs a marketing business that goes everywhere with us, and is the nerd behind the curtain on the blog. On our expeditions, she is all-time navigatrix, activity planner, record-keeper (seriously, ask her anything about anywhere we’ve ever been), and our chief food engineer. With a passion for on-road expedition cooking, Bethany has a nose for sniffing out fresh local ingredients and the best hot-spots for local cuisine (and craft beer) in every city we meet. 

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