In addition to the questions listed here, we also did a post about some of the questions we got most frequently after this video was published, called On Truck and Travel: The Questions We Get Most. Not finding what you want? Ask us. 

Why the name “Two If Overland?”

Our name is a play off of the phrase, “One, if by land, and two, if by sea” coined by American poet, Henry W. Longfellow in his poem, Paul Revere’s Ride. It references a secret signal devised by Revere on the verge of the American Revolution. As “Two If Overland,” we seek to signal more people to read about living small, eating well and traveling often. 

I keep reading about this thing called VANdal… What the heck is that? 

livingVANdal was our original blog site dedicated to teaching others how to tap into the simple, experience-rich awesomeness of VANlife by sharing our travels in the custom sprinter RV we affectionately referred to as “VANdal.” Through livingVANdal, as well as TwoIfOverland, we sought to share some of the wisdom of planning, building,  and living in a smaller footprint. Whether you’re an athlete, a retiring couple, or just looking to upsize the quality of your life by downsizing, our mission remains to help inspire others to live with less and enjoy more.

Who are you people, anyway?

Martin-SUP-ThumbnailMartin Burzynski is an attorney who lives by the credo that his grandfather taught him — Life’s currency is TIME. He’s the driving force behind all the research, mechanical & logistical operations of our travel, a road warrior with a never-ending bladder, and a master at dissecting every possible scenario so we stay safe, well-equipped, and ready for anything.

Bethany-Titons-ThumbnailBethany Smithers runs a marketing business that goes everywhere with us, and is the nerd behind the curtain on the blog. On our expeditions, she is all-time navigatrix, activity planner, record-keeper (seriously, ask her anything about anywhere we’ve ever been), and our chief food engineer. With a passion for on-road expedition cooking, Bethany has a nose for sniffing out fresh local ingredients and the best hot-spots for local cuisine (and craft beer) in every city we meet. 

You sound like people I’d like to meet. How do I host you to visit when you’re in my area?

As we travel, we’re always looking for the best places to stay. Sure, we boondock, stealth camp, and occasionally (but with a cringe) stay in campgrounds, but since we’re completely self-contained, driveways are a great way for us to meet people as we travel and get a sense of the neighborhoods and communities we visit. Contact us if you’d be willing to host us in your driveway or parking area on one of our upcoming trips. We’ve met some the coolest people on the road, and we welcome the chance to meet you!

Can you help us design & source our next expedition vehicle?

Sure thing. We’ve been doing this a while and can help you fine-tune your space to maximize livability, enjoyment and functionality. Plus, we’ve weighed the pros and cons of nearly every builder and nearly every spec you can imagine. Thousands of hours of homework have gone into our builds, so why not put it to good use? Contact us and we’d be happy to ease your learning curve with a little assistance.