VANdal Custom Sprinter For Sale

VANdal: Our 2013 Custom Sprinter could be your’s!

To say that VANdal has been a dream for us would be an understatement. And that’s why, while it’s still in impeccable condition with only 70,000 miles, it’s time to start thinking about the next phase in our land-yachting journey.When we sold our home last year, our initial intention was to move away from Florida and immediately find a place to call home in the Pacific Northwest. But after criss-crossing the country more than once, we learned something about ourselves… We LOVE VANlife. So much, in fact, that as we consider where we’ll be in the next phase of our lives, it’s becoming less about where we’ll attach roots, and more about all the places we’d like to go next.


This has made us consider more permanent live-aboard accommodations that will ultimately replace VANdal in a way that affords us more full-time storage and extreme all-weather capability. If you know us, then we know what you’re thinking… How can we possibly go bigger when we have always been so adamant the luxury of VANdal fitting into a single parking space?! True, this is a feature we may regrettably have to forego on the next vehicle. But not without a lot of thought because in most every way, VANdal has been perfect for the type of travel we do. The beauty is that we’ve cared for it meticulously so its new owner can still have many years of enjoyment with it.

Have we decided on what our new home-on-wheels will look like just yet? Not exactly, but we will keep you informed of our thought process  and all the details over the next few weeks and months.


In the meantime, we wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that VANdal is officially for sale.





You can get all the details and specs here on our new site and of course feel  free to contact us with any questions. Please help us spread the word!


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