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Dylan Magaster, a videographer documenting the tiny house movement in all its forms on his YouTube channel, reached out to us recently about our story and our truck. It just so happened that we were both traveling through Utah last month en route to Oregon, so it was easy to connect for a shoot in the stunning fall arrays of Logan Canyon.

Check out this 10-minute introduction to the truck we call home, how & why we choose to live from the road, and how this lifestyle can be accessible to anyone who dreams of a nomadic existence punctuated by great food and fun.

Watch the “Ultimate Adventure Vehicle” video by Dylan Magaster on YouTube here.


  1. Have you been to Each of the listings will have instructions on bidding, securing and picking up your vehicle. As for registering, we registered ours through a corporate entity in Montana as it has tax advantages. You might inquire with Quade at @overlandadventuretruck as he bought his on the auction and might have more insight.

  2. I’ve been interested in these Stewart & Stevenson trucks, but have been curious how these auctions work when you win. I’m sure registering the vehicle as an RV varies by state, but as far as transport from a base and road legality for someone with a standard drivers license I’ve found no real information – so I, and perhaps others, would love any info you may have on that front.

  3. That’s tough because there isn’t really an msrp on custom, and because of the range of details, there is a significant price range even for something that looks somewhat similar. Your best bet is to contact GXV and let them give you a ballpark based on what you’d like.

  4. What was the retail cost of the back shell conversion…video says the cost of vehicle…note I didn’t ask want u paid…just msrp?Woody

  5. Congrats! It’s really such a range because the finishes and custom features of a build like ours can go from basic to exorbitant in a flash. For that reason, we hate to talk pricing, but would be happy to refer you to GXV for more detail.

  6. Very cool! My wife and I just bought a travel trailer as our “first step” to more freedom and I could see something like your vehicle in our future. When doing research for our trailer, we quickly realized that even buying a huge monstrosity toyhauler would be less expensive than a single family home…Can you give us an estimation of what your total build cost, start to finish, for your vehicle was?

  7. loved the video. It’s not really that big and seems really easy to drive.
    Good presentation of cassette toilet. What’s is the total length of the

    Safe travels..

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